Where Minimal is Critical

Commercial drones and quadcopters, with thermal imaging capabilities are playing a prominent role in inspecting electrical power lines and oil pipelines, forest fire detection, infrastructure security, and firefighting operations – locating and assessing fires, even when visibility is poor or in full darkness.

Ophir designs and delivers the most advanced IR optical assemblies, answering the challenging requirements to create small form factor, ultra-lightweight designs and low power consumption, to improve aerial visibility, even under extreme conditions.

Ophir develops and delivers a wide range of IR complex lens assemblies with fixed, motorized focus and zoom lenses, supporting drones MWIR & LWIR imaging, providing a global solution for infrared imaging for drones, and quadcopters emerging applications.

Our in-house R&D team works in collaboration with customers to develop and design products answering the Size Weight and Power (SWAP) constraints of drones and quadcopters, with the unparalleled optical performance for which we are known worldwide.

Products Characteristics

  • Small Form Factor lenses to fit miniature gimbals
  • Ultra-light weight Zoom & Fixed focus lenses
  • High optical performance
  • Low power consumption
  • High durability (HD) or low reflection hard carbon (LRHC) AR coating
  • Fast FOV change
  • Continuous zoom, with fixed F# maintained through the full zoom range
  • Accurate thru-zoom boresight
  • Compatible with major MWIR & LWIR detectors
  • Diffraction-limited optical design
  • Athermal compensation
  • Maintains focus through the zoom
  • Pre-set, discrete optical zoom position
  • CPU controlled via RS 485 or RS 232

IR Lightweight Lenses for Aerial Applications

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