Customized Optics for Multi-Spectral Electro-Optical Systems

A multispectral electro-optical system is a day/night system. The heart of such a payload is a multispectral imaging system, which combines multiple optical channels into one, allowing significantly improved performance without increasing size and weight, therefore mostly suitable for land, naval, and aerial payload platforms.

Large mirrors as key enabler for multispectral and folded-optics systems design

In multispectral optical systems like these, Ophir’s large mirrors play a critical role. Large mirrors perform to a high level across a wide range of wavelengths: VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR, both for imaging and laser-based applications (laser range finders (LRF) and laser designators). The mirrors reflection angles are identical for all wavelengths and, therefore, all optical channels can be combined, creating the multispectral system. Ophir’s large mirrors are also the key enabler for a folded optics design that reduces the size of the multispectral system. Moreover, large mirrors for multispectral applications must have minimum roughness, especially when they are used in VIS wavelength to prevent light from scattering.

As we recognize the market trend towards Multispectral system, developing a designated lens is part of our product roadmap. Learn more about our Large Mirror Manufacturing Capabilities

Webinar: Refractive Optics for Multispectral Systems

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