Optic Production Tools

We incorporate the latest generation technologies in the design and manufacture of our IR optics, including the most advanced optic production tools.

  • Diamond-turning machines
  • Fly-cut machines
  • CNC grinders and polishers
  • Automated coating chambers
  • Metrology and test equipment
  • Laser interferometers and computer-generated holographic test equipment

Combining these instruments with our patented aspherical diffractive production technology yields the highest levels of accuracy and surface quality across a wide range of substrates. This allows us to produce lens systems that are more efficient, with fewer elements.

Cutting-edge Technologies for Superior Component Manufacturing

  • Grinding, CNC Polishing, Plano Polishing, Diamond Turning, Centering and Coating
  • MRF technology
  • Lupho Scan Profilometers technology
  • Free form optics manufacturing and metrology
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) over full production cycle

Optic Manufacturing Tools

Our cutting-edge manufacturing tools results with high performance optics that suit any application:

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