Ophir Calculators

Ever need a quick calculation of some parameter of your laser beam? We’re here to make your work easier…Check out these Ophir Calculators. It’s better than doing it in your head!

Power Density Calculator
Determine the power density and/or fluence (energy density) of your laser beam.

Laser Peak Power Calculator
Calculate the peak power of your laser beam.

Laser Power Through Aperture Calculator (Gaussian Beam)
Determine how much of the laser beam will pass through a given aperture.

Laser Focal Spot Size Calculator
Calculate the size and location of your Gaussian laser beam waist at focus, as well as the Rayleigh range.

Laser Focusability Calculator
Quantify laser diffraction-limited focal spot size, assuming an ideal lens without aberrations and a collimated laser beam.

Temperature Rise Calculator
Compute the temperature increase in a block of aluminum (like most Ophir power sensors).

NanoScan Damage Threshold Calculator
A downloadable spreadsheet to calculate nanoscan damage threshold.

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