Spectral Wavelength Calibration

All absorbers used in power/energy measurement are not entirely flat spectrally, that is, they vary in absorption with wavelength. For this reason, Ophir measuring heads are usually calibrated at more than one wavelength.

If the absorption changes only slightly with wavelength, then we define wavelength regions such as <600 nm, >600 nm and give a calibration within these regions. In that case, the error in measurement between the wavelength the device was calibrated for and the measurement wavelength is assumed to be within the primary wavelength calibration error. If the absorption difference between the nearest calibration wavelength and the measurement wavelength is larger than 1-2%, then either we add to the specification an error with wavelength in that region or calibrate over a continuous calibration curve covering all wavelengths in the region. Thermal sensors are generally calibrated with a stated accuracy of ±3% with a stated linearity with power of 1-2%.

Approximate spectral absorption of various absorbers:

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