Longer Length Sensor Cables

The Ophir sensors are provided with a 1.5m cable between the sensor and the smart head connector. When a longer length cable is needed it can be provided, as long as it is within operational limits. However it is not possible to add an extension to the cable, because that moves the smart head connector away from the meter or interface unit which can degrade the smart head functionality or disable it.

The smart head technology uses a small memory IC chip inside the connector which contains the configuration and calibration information for the sensor. When the sensor is connected to a meter or interface unit, the configuration and calibration information is read and the correct power or energy is measured. When longer cables are installed at a certified recalibration center, the sensors are re-calibrated with the longer cable in place and the sensor’s measurements verified against the NIST traceable standards.

Standard length longer cables are available for thermal sensors up to 10m with custom longer lengths available upon request. Standard longer length cables are also available for photodiode sensors up to 10m and for Pyroelectric sensors up to 5m.

In some instances it may be simpler to use a longer USB cable to run a meter or interface unit from a computer to achieve longer distance to a sensor location. Another option is to run wireless with the Quasar interface which can operate up to >10m standard or >50m with optional extended range.

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