Sneak Peak: What's New in Laser Measurement at Laser World of Photonics

Join us at Laser World of Photonics, , June 26-29, 2017, in Munich, to see our complete line of laser beam profiling and power / energy measurement systems. We'll be in the MKS booth, along with Newport and Spectra-Physics, Hall A2, Booth 209.

Here's a sneak peak at several new products that will be introduced at the show:

A new version of BeamSquared™, the M2 laser beam propagation system that measures the quality of the beam to optimize performance. Designed for continuous use applications, BeamSquared provides automated measurements of the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed lasers in under one minute. Users can run the system in automated mode from UV to NIR, and telecom wavelengths, and in manual mode for terahertz and CO2 laser beams.

A new line of high damage threshold laser power/energy sensors designed for CW lasers with high power densities, as well as long as for pulse lasers. The sensors feature a new LP2 coating that provides the highest damage threshold in the industry.

Take a look at the new Pyrocam™ IV USB, a laser beam profiling camera that allows users to see their laser beam for dynamic alignment and proper operation. The camera features a 320 x 320 pixel pyroelectric array that can profile beams up to 1 inch (25 mm) without the need for reduction optics. It also includes a new USB 3.0 interface that provides a quick and easy connection to PCs for beam analysis, 2D and 3D beam display, as well as trending, data logging, and storage.

We'll also be showing BeamWatch®, the only non-contact beam monitoring system for high power YAG, fiber, and diode lasers used in industrial material processing applications. Unlike conventional measurement systems that place a probe in the beam, causing potential damage and slowing the measurement process by up to two minutes, BeamWatch measures the Rayleigh scatter of the beam, so there is no contact. This means no power restrictions.

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