QUASAR Laser Power Measurement Through the Air

One of the inconveniences in the measurement of laser power and energy is what to do with the cables connecting the display to the sensor. These cables are of a limited flexibility and they clutter the workspace where the measurement is to be done. Sometimes, due to their stiffness, a motion of the cable moves the sensors and misaligns the set up.

Another problem created by the cable is the measurement in areas which are supposed to be sealed, like a glove box or a vacuum chamber. In these cases the introduction of the cable in the measurement location requires special means to maintain the integrity of the chamber or the box. Such means include an addition of connectors on the wall of the chamber or box, or special fittings to allow for the passage of the cable.

The cable length is determined during manufacturing, and different set ups call for different cable lengths, a fact which makes the sensor more expensive since it has to be custom made and custom calibrated.

To solve these problems, Ophir has designed the Quasar. The Quasar is a wireless interface between the sensor and a PC .The PC can run dedicated software supplied with the Quasar or downloaded from the company's web site.

The communications between the Quasar and the PC are done by Bluetooth, which is a proven and popular interface, common on all laptops and inexpensive to install on desktops. The Quasar has been approved by the FCC and other regulating authorities around the world.

The Quasar operates by the sensor cable being connected to it which allows it to be moved from sensor to sensor.

The Quasar is powered by a rechargeable battery, which powers it and powers the sensor as well. Battery life is typically 20 hours with a pyro electric head and 40 hours with a thermal sensor.

This unique product allows measurements to be performed through a PC at remote locations without physical connection to the sensor. The system supports a normal range of more than 10 meters and an optional extended range of up to 80 meters. The extended range can be purchased with the Quasar of purchased later from Ophir or its distributors. The installation of the option is done by the user with no need to send the Quasar to a service center or to the factory.

This system allows up to 7 Quasars to be operated simultaneously and be displayed and recorded on one PC. The user can then analyze the results. The software provided with the Quasar is very extensive and provides many features such as data logging, min-max flags, several display modes, data recording and more.

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