Installing LabVIEW support for Ophir Power Meters and PC Interfaces

In order for LabVIEW to work with an Ophir power meter or PC interface, first *install the StarLab PC application.

LabVIEW does not actually communicate via the StarLab application itself, however when StarLab is installed, installed with it is the Ophir COM object control intended for software integrator's.

The StarLab installation process installs the necessary USB drivers and registers the Ophir COM object required for LabVIEW (and other user software environments) to communicate with Ophir power meters and PC interfaces.

Also installed on the PC in the Automation Examples subdirectory of StarLab is an example LabVIEW library and a simple VI demonstrating communication with Ophir USB devices in LabVIEW.

Here’s a demo to get you started

*NOTE: If you do not wish to install StarLab on your LabVIEW PC, there is an alternative. For more information on using Ophir's COM object, including how to use it without installing StarLab, please consult Ophir's COM object manual: OphirLMMeasurement_COM_Object.pdf

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