Where can I find a user manual for my power or energy sensor?

Each sensor from Ophir includes a performance specification datasheet but not a user manual. This datasheet lists operational parameters for the sensor, including items such as spectral range, power range, aperture size, accuracy specification, etc. Copies of these datasheets for current sensors are available on the website by clicking on the “Specifications” tab of the sensor's product page.

As for the user manual, a hard copy of the user manual is included with every meter sold. The manual also has a section explaining the operation of the various types of sensors; thermopile, photodiode, and pyroelectric. Copies of the meter user manuals are available on the web site at: https://www.ophiropt.com/laser-measurement-instruments/laser-power-energy-meters/services/manuals.

If for any reason you are not able to find the particular information needed or are not able to retrieve the manuals or information from the website, just send us an email request to service@us.ophiropt.com and we’ll get the information for you.

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