BeamGage Professional Partitions with Multiple Beams on One Display with Individual Results

The Partition feature, available in BeamGage Professional, allows subdividing the camera imager into separate regions, called partitions, and which can then compute separate beam results within each partition.

Partitions are assigned labels starting with P1, P2, P3 …etc. There is no limit to the maximum number of partitions that can be created.

The partition labels may be replaced with a user assigned alias names by selecting the partition that you wish to rename from the dropdown list, click the partition name and type in the new name followed by the Enter key.

Results from any partition can be dragged and dropped onto the display window.

The results Drag and Drop feature will allow selected results to float into any display window. This provides the ability to strip off only the results items that are needed to be seen and overlay them inside of another display window. If statistics values are enabled when the result is dragged, they will appear in the display window once dropped. Statistics values can also be enabled/disabled for the selected result while it is in the display window. The results item will float in the designated display window with a transparent background. To reposition the location of the item, use the mouse to drag and drop it to a new location. To delete the floating item, place the mouse over the item and click the cancel box that appears. If the result item is copied and displayed in another window, hiding it in the results window will not remove it from the display window.

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