Accessing Vega log files with StarLab

Occasionally it is not possible to measure a laser system directly using StarLab. This can be because the laser system is in a controlled environment where a computer is unable to be installed.

The Vega handheld meter can store up to 10 log files into its onboard memory containing up to 5,400 samples each for a total of 54,000 samples. Then the meter can be interfaced to a computer running StarLab to upload the files later.

The instructions below detail the process to access the onboard log files.

The log files saved onboard the Vega can be accessed by StarLab without having a sensor connected. In the Select Device(s) dialog (with no sensor connected) click on Diagnostics.

Click on Files.

The log files stored on the meter will be displayed.

Click on the file you want to upload and then click on the Upload button. The file will be copied to the Documents\StarLab folder of the account you are currently logged in as on the computer so you can view it now or at a later time.

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