PE-C \ PD10-C Sensor Field Upgrade Instructions

Support for PE-C \ PD10-C sensors with Vega, Nova II, Juno, Juno+, Juno-RS, EA-1, StarLite, and StarBright in StarLab application is now available.

Steps for upgrading the embedded software in the PE-C \ PD10-C sensor with the StarLab application:

  • Attach PE-C \ PD10-C sensor to a Juno (version 1.23 or higher), Juno+ (version 2.13 or higher), Juno-RS (version 1.04 or higher), a Vega / Nova-II (version 2.16  or higher), a StarLite (version 1.22 or higher), or StarBright (version 1.30 or higher).
  • To download the latest version of Juno, Juno+, Juno-RS, Vega, Nova-II, StarLite or StarBright firmware press here.
  • Connect the meter to the PC and run StarLab (with version 3.20 or higher).
    To download the latest StarLab version  press here.
  • Enter the diagnostic screen and select to upgrade sensor firmware (version 1.69 or higher).
    To download the latest PE-C \ PD10-C version  press here.

Note: PE-C \ PD10-C sensors can't be upgraded via EA-1 interface.

When working with other meters and interfaces it is not necessary to update the embedded software of the PE-C \ PD10-C.

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