EA-1 Firmware Upgrade


The OphirEthernetApp software allows the user to upgrade the firmware loaded into the EA-1 device. This should be done only when a new version firmware is available from Ophir:

EA-1 - Firmware Upgrade

The software will first check for a new firmware BIN file in the local sub-folder “Firmware” and will notify if a firmware upgrade is really necessary.

The location of firmware files is under the application installation folder, usually:

C:\Program Files\Ophir Optronics\Ophir Ethernet Application\x.xx\Firmware\
or: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ophir Optronics\Ophir Ethernet Application\x.xx\Firmware\
(where “x.xx” = latest version)

Note: It is recommended not to upgrade firmware unless a new version is actually available.

If a firmware upgrade is not actually required, the following message will be displayed; answer “no” to abort the firmware upgrade:

EA-1 - Firmware Upgrade

In the event that a new firmware upgrade is available and necessary, the software will continue with the upgrade automatically.

Note: Do not disconnect the communications or power cables while the firmware is being upgraded. Firmware upgrade takes ~5 minutes.

In the event that the firmware upgrade is disrupted before it is finished, the device will start up in a special “Boot” mode after the next power up. In that case, the firmware upgrade can be repeated and completed using the same menu and method as above.

Note: It is recommended that the device be powered off and on again after performing a firmware upgrade, this is especially important when using DHCP mode.

Obtaining firmware upgrades from the internet:

Sometimes a new version of firmware may be released on the Ophir website separately from the PC Application installation file. In that case, it will be necessary to copy the firmware “BIN” file (“EA1Axxx.bin”) to the local firmware folder of the PC Application (as defined above). The next time the PC Application is started up with the EA-1 attached, the application will prompt to upgrade the firmware.

It is recommended to check regularly for firmware upgrades on the website.

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