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Extended Warranty for Sensor

Ophir-Spiricon meters and sensors include a standard manufacturer’s warranty for one year. You may add a one year Extended Warranty to your meter or sensor. The extended Warranty includes one recalibration.

Ophir warrants that the meter or sensor shall be free from material defects in workmanship or materials and conform in all material respects to Ophir specifications for the Warranty Period. The warranty does not cover damage to the sensor.

Extended warranty includes all parts, labor for the second year and recalibration after the first year. Warranty service and recalibration are subject to the provisions of Ophir-Spiricon's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, including without limitation, Ophir-Spiricon's verification that the product was not mishandled or damaged. The Standard Terms and Conditions are available on our web-site. The Extended warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

The recalibration service is subject to the return of the product within +/- 45 days of original calibration due date. If the product is returned for recalibration outside of this period, the recalibration is forfeited. When returning the product for recalibration the customer pays shipping both ways. Ophir-Spiricon's recalibration labs are optimized to turn your equipment fast to get it back to you as soon as possible.

Why recalibrate your Ophir meter and sensor? Laser measurement equipment is similar to a voltmeter or ammeter, which is recertified and recalibrated like most other pieces of test equipment. In general, Ophir instruments are unlikely to drift or fail over time like a sensor that is constantly exposed to laser energy, but the possibility exists. Therefore, the general practice in our industry is to have Power and Energy Meters recalibrated and recertified as well as the sensors every twelve months. ISO standards and FDA, as well as other agencies, require both meters and sensors be recalibrated and recertified.

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