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LED and Laser Radiometer, 1 μW/cm² to 8 W/cm², Ø8 mm, 350-850 nm
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Measuring LED Irradiance and Dosage with the PD300RM

Does your application involve irradiating a target surface with an LED? UV curing of adhesives is one example of such an application. Ophir’s new PD300RM sensor family measures irradiance and dosage for UV and Visible LEDs. This video explains what the PD300RM does, what is so unique about it, and how to use it.

Measuring Power of LEDs: UV, Visible and NIR

Measuring the emitted power of an LED can be tricky. It is different in some important ways from measuring the power of a laser beam. This video shows you how to use the Ophir 3A-IS Integrating Sphere Sensor, along with the Auxiliary LED accessory, to easily make accurate measurements in LED applications.

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