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EZ Test - Polarizer Set for 1.5" Lenses
EZ Test™ Lens Stress Inspection, 38.2 mm Holder
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EZ Test - Polarizer Set for 2" Lenses
EZ Test™ Lens Stress Inspection, 51 mm Holder
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EZ Clean Holder for 1.5" Lenses
Cleaning Holder, 38.2 mm
In Stock
In Stock
EZ Clean Holder for 2" Lenses
Cleaning Holder, 51 mm
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EZ Test™ - Polarizers Set for Lens Stress Inspection

A CO2 laser lens is a critical component to your cutting process. Ophir Optics manufactures a high quality CO2 optic to assist you in getting the best cut out of your laser. We take in pride in our products. But even the best of products eventually wear out. In the case of a laser lens, if you do not pay attention to the condition of the lens, it can end in costly repairs and downtime. You know that a lens can fail due to thermal stress or contamination, but how can you tell when a lens is at the end of its life or just needs a cleaning

Ophir offers an ingenious and simple solution. The Ophir EZ Test™ is a tool designed to determine the condition of your CO2 lens. The Ophir EZ Test ™ system will allow you to evaluate the stress within the lens so that you can quickly determine if you need to change it immediately, or if the lens has more life left in it and just needs a cleaning. In order to maintain the best cutting environment for your laser machine, you need to run a lens that is in optimum condition. The Ophir EZ Test™ lens polarizer will let you look at the lens and make that determination.

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