Wireless Connectivity for Laser Power/Energy Measurement

If you need to measure your laser beam’s power or energy, but the usual cable connection between the sensor and the meter is not practical, Ophir’s Quasar may be the right solution for you.


Mark Slutzki, Product Manager, Ophir

Quasar is a wireless PC interface that connects a sensor to a PC by Bluetooth, a proven and popular interface. Using the Quasar enables working in environments where cables are not an option, for example, in areas that are supposed to be sealed, such as a high power measurement chamber, a glove box, or a vacuum chamber, or where cable movement might ruin a delicate alignment.

Approved by the FCC and other regulating authorities around the worldt ,he Quasar wireless interface connects to most standard Ophir sensors. Using Ophir’s “Smart Sensor” technology, in which all calibration and related sensor data is stored in the sensor’s EEPROM in its “Smart Connector”, the Quasar can be freely hot swapped from one sensor to another. That means one (1) Quasar can be used with multiple sensors; it’s not permanently married to one (1) sensor.

Quasar broadcasts to your PC over a range of up to several tens of meters, depending on surroundings. Its internal rechargeable battery has a typical operating time of over 40 hours.

Together with the Ophir StarLab laser measurement software package, the Quasar turns your PC into a complete laser power and energy workstation, with advanced measurement processing, extensive graphical display capabilities, data logging, and much more, able to monitor up to seven (7) Quasars simultaneously. The Quasar is now fully supported in StarLab, from version 3.0.

You can also bring laser power and energy measurement to your smartphone or tablet via the Quasar, using Ophir’s StarViewer Android app.

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