Cleaning Instructions - EZ Clean


Specially Designed for Cleaning High Power CO2 Laser Lenses

Ophir Optics EZ Clean™ and EZ Clean™ Plus are innovative disposable wipes for routine cleaning and deeper cleaning of optical High Power Laser Lenses. Composed of special non-scratch fabric, the liquid dipped wipes deposit a pre-measured amount of quick-drying cleaning fluid that leaves no residue.



Composed of special non-scratch fabric, EZ Clean Wipes deposit a pre-measured amount of ethanol, which is ideal for routine cleaning of laser lenses. A single wipe cleans one lens in a matter of seconds, replacing a five-step procedure using ethanol, cotton swabs and lens paper



EZ Clean™ Plus, Ophir's most recent innovative wipe, is used for deeper cleaning of optical laser lenses in conjunction with Ethanol based EZ Clean™ Wipes (see above). When deeper cleaning is required, EZ Clean™ Plus wipes are used to counteract the quick-drying effect of the ethanol with a vinegar-based solution that separates dust and other contaminants from the lens surface more effectively. A final once-over with a new Ethanol based wipe removes any residue, and in a matter of seconds the lens is clean and ready for use.

Ophir EZ-Clean™ and EZ Clean™ Plus Packages each include 24 ready-to-use wipes; A few seconds cleaning translates into longer lens life-time and significantly shorter down-time for our customers' lasers.


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