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OEM Laser Optical Components Manufacturing
Customized Solutions for a wide Spectral Range

Key Benefits

  • End-to-End solutions – from design through high-volume production
  • Unique, innovative engineering techniques
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies
  • Optical coating proficiency for outstanding results
  • Strict QA standards and procedures
  • Unparalleled experience and expertise
Ophir has earned its reputation as a world-leading, one-stop-shop designer and manufacturer of laser-optics components for industrial applications.
Our R&D engineering team is known worldwide for collaborating with customers to develop, design and deliver optimized optics with unparalleled performance quality. They deliver solutions for high precision applications, answering the strict demands of customers worldwide, enabling today's most advanced industrial deployments.

Core capabilities

  • Superior design capabilities for a diverse range of advanced optical components and assemblies
  • In-house, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies:
    • MRF technology - optical polishing and measurement for improved surface quality and complex surface shapes production for a wide variety of sizes and geometries with demanding specifications.
    • Lupho Scan Profilometers technology - for maximized precision non-contact 3D form measurement of aspheric surfaces. A multi-wavelength interferometry based on an optical (non-contact) point probe.
    • Grinding
    • CNC polishing
    • Plano Polishing
    • Diamond turning
    • Coating
    • Metrology
  • Highest production standards
  • Complete control of production processes
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) over full production cycle
  • Lean and Six-Sigma for excellence and continuous improvement
  • Large volume high-end production capabilities
  • Manufacturing sites in Israel and Europe (Romania) with a clean room for the coating, inspection and packing processes.
oem components manufacturin

Manufacturing a wide range of components to meet any specification

  • Wavelengths: 1.06µm, 9.3-9.4µm, 10.6µm and others per demand
  • Types: Lenses, mirrors, windows
  • Shapes: Spherical, aspheric, flat
  • Substrates: Fused-Silica, Germanium, Silicon, Zinc selenide, Zinc sulfide cleartran, Copper and more

The most advanced optical coatings, developed by world-leading experts

With over 4 decades of experience, Ophir is recognized as a world leader in the development, production and application of advanced optical coatings.

Our high LIDT, low absorption coatings, are ideal for high-power lasers, minimizing power loss, ensuring accurate cutting quality & prolonging machine lifetime.

Using class 1,000 clean rooms, our anti-reflective (AR) coatings include DLC laser coatings and provide maximum durability and longer life expectancy.

oem components manufacturin

Coating Technologies:

  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) – Thermal heating and electron gun
  • Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) – Ion gun
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) for DLC coatings

Coating types:

  • Anti-reflective (AR), mirrors, filters
  • Beam delivery mirror, cavity mirror, cutting head
  • Output coupler (RPR), end-mirror, phase shift mirrors, MMR
  • Wavelengths: 1.064µm, 9.28µm, 9.32µm, 9.39µm, and 10.6µm.

Coating manufacturing – capabilities matrix

Coatings for 10.6µm
Lenses HeNe Transparency Max Absorption Product lifetime Pricing Radioactivity (ThF4)
Duralens ™ Yes 0.20% Standard Standard Yes
Duralens Ext.™ Yes 0.16% High Mid No
Black Magic™ No 0.15% High Mid No
Clear Magic Yes 0.13% High High No
Beam Delivery Mirror Substrate %R@45°@10.6 %S-Pol@45°@10.6 %P-Pol@45°@10.6 %R@45°@0.6328 PS@45°AOI
ZPS-HR Si 99.7% 99.8% 99.6% 630-670nm≥80% 0°±2°
ZPS Si&Cu 99.5% - - 630-670nm≥80% 0°±2°
90PS Si&Cu 98% - - 630-670nm≥80% 90°±2°
90PS-HR Si&Cu 99% - - ≥80% 90°±2°
AFTR-HR Si&Cu - 99% ≤1% - 0°±2°
Cavity Mirror Substrate %R@45°@10.6 %S-Pol@45°@10.6 %P-Pol@45°@10.6 %R@45°@0.6328 PS@45°AOI
MMR Si&Cu 99.8% 99.9% 99.75% 40% 0°±2°
MMR-A Si&Cu 99.8% 99.85% 99.60% 40% 0°±2°
MMR-H Si&Cu 99.7% 99.8% 99.60% 650±20nm>80% -
MMR-P Si&Cu - 99.9% 99.80% 900-1000nm≥55% 0°±2°
PLM Si - 99.5% ≤90% - -
PLM-W Cu - 99.8% ≤90% - -
PLM-HR Cu - >99.9% ≤97% 630-670nm≥65% -
PLM-HR Si - >99.9% ≤93% 630-670nm≥65% -
Coatings for 9.3µm
Lenses Substrate λ(um) AOI Environmental Durability
AR on ZnSe for 9.39 ZnSe 9.4 0-20 HE
AR HE on ZnSe for 9.39 LA ZnSe 9.4 0-20 HE
AR LRHC on ZnSe for 9.39 ZnSe 9.4 0-20 HC
HE on ZnSe for 9.39 mic ULA ZnSe 9.4 0-20 HE
AR on ZnSe for 9.39 mic AOI 0-32deg ZnSe 9.4 0-30 HE
AR on Ge for 9.39 mic Ge 9.4 0-20 HE
AR on Ge for 9.39 mic AOI 0-46deg Ge 9.4 0-45 HE
Unique coatings Substrate λ(um) AOI Environmental Durability Type
EM on ZnSe for 9.4mic ZnSe 9.4 0-45 HE EM
OC 70% on ZnSe for 9.3 ZnSe 9.4 0-20 HE OC
90PS-HR on Si for 9.3 Si 9.4 0-45 HE PS
TFP for 9.3µ A ZnSe 9.4 0-45 HE TFP
TFP on ZnSe for 9.4 mic ZnSe 9.4 0-45 HE TFP
EM on ZnSe for 9.4mic Si 9.4 0-45 HE ZPS
OC 70% on ZnSe for 9.3 Si 9.4 0-45 HE ZPS
90PS = 90deg Phase Shift | ATFR = Absorption Thin Film Reflector | DLC = Diamond Like Carbon | EM = End Mirror | HC = Hard Carbon | HD = High Durability | HE = High Efficiency | LRHC = Low Reflection Hard Carbon | MMR = Metal Mirror Reflector | OC = Output Coupler | PLM = Phase Lock Mirror | TFP = This Film Polarizer | ZPS = Zero Phase Shift

Optical Design and Engineering - Ophir® F-Theta Scan Lenses for CO2 laser processing

oem components manufacturin

Ophir F-Theta laser Scan Lenses are customized for advanced, high-resolution laser micromachining applications.

Specifically, Ophir CO2 scan lenses deliver the performance for PCB via hole drilling applications, including:

  • Small spot sizes with tight tolerances
  • Excellent beam roundness
  • High telecentricity
  • Wide scanning areas
  • Unique AR coatings for high incidence angels
  • Diffraction limited performance


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