90° Phase Shift

 90ֲ° Phase Shift Mirror

Most CO2 lasers produce a laser beam which has linear polarization. For cutting metal sheets, however, a beam with circular polarization is required if the cutting properties are independent of the cutting direction. To convert a beam from linear to circular polarization, a 90° phase retarder mirror (also called a Lambda/4-mirror) can be used. This mirror has a special coating which produces a phase shift of 90° between the s-and p-polarized components of the reflected beam. If these components have the same intensity and phase (corresponding to linear polarization), the reflected beam undergoes a phase shift of 90° between both components (corresponding to linear polarization).

*Ophir Optics meets ROSH directive according to China ROHS regulation and ROHS2 directive 2011/65/EU

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90° Phase Shift High Reflection Mirrors

The function of the 90º Phase Shift High Reflection mirrors in a high power CO2 laser system is similar to the standard 90º Phase Shift mirrors but has higher reflection resulting in less power loss and increased life expectancy. This is an improvement of our standard 90º phase shift coating; reducing absorption level by 50% and setting it to be lower the 1%. This superior absorption level is achieved with no compromise in the phase shift performance (tolerance +/- 2 degrees) or visible light (630-670 nm) reflection. This coating becomes our standard for 90º phase shift mirrors.

Reflection Spectrum of 90º phase shift Mirrors Coatings

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 Optic TypeOphir P/NDiameterEdge Thickness
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift61056-117 1"25.40.118"3
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift630063-117 1.5"38.10.157"4
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift630784-117 1.75"44.450.374"9.52
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift630066-117 2"50.80.374"9.52
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift630715-117 2"50.80.2"5.08
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift62238 2.67"67.810.8"20.32
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift630327-117 3"76.20.374"9.52
 Open specSi Mirror-90° Phase Shift630068-117 3"76.20.25"6.35
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61409 1.5"38.10.295"7.5
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61802 1.5"38.10.25"6.35
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift630781-117 1.97"50.030.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift62281 2"50.82.125"54
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61800 2"50.80.4"10.16
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61267 2"50.80.374"9.52
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61260 2"50.80.2"5.08
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift631073-117* WC2"50.82.125"54
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift62242 2.25"57.151.25"31.75
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61801 2.25"57.150.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift631519-117* WC2.25"57.151.25"31.75
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift630630-117 2.25"57.150.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61384 2.36"59.940.393"10
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift630914-117 2.362"59.990.59"15
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift631380-117* WC2.68"68.070.8"20.32
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61821 2.95"74.930.5"12.7
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61262 2.95"74.930.59"15
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift631007-117 3"76.20.59"15
 Open specCu Mirror-90° Phase Shift61264 3"76.20.5"12.7
 Cu Mirror-90° Phase Shift631182-117* WC 80*60 20.00