High Power lasers Optical Components

    Ophir lenses and windows for high power laser systems provide high performance, low absorption levels and a long-life expectancy.

    Used by leading laser manufacturers around the world, our products meet the highest industry standards and have been widely tested with outstanding results.

    Buy online optical components for CO2 and 1-micron high-power fiber lasers.

    Optics for CO₂ Lasers
    Optics for CO2 Lasers
    Ophir’s full range of high-quality CO₂ optical components are made of the highest quality ZnSe substrate, OEM approved. CO₂ focusing lenses are available with standard to ultra low absorption (ULA) anti-reflection (AR) coatings. Our range of products also includes laser beam delivery optics and laser cavity (mirrors) optics - which provide longer life expectancy, focus stability, and high cost/ benefit ratio.

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    Optics for Fiber Lasers
    Ophir’s wide array of first-class optical components for high-power fiber lasers includes protective windows, spheric and aspheric lenses, optical collimating and focusing lenses. Using the highest quality Fused Silica substrate and high LIDT coatings, we guarantee maximum focus stability and minimum aberrations.

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