High Performance Optics for 1 μm High Power Fiber Lasers
High Performance Optics for 1 μm High Power Fiber Lasers
Jürgen Kolbe, Laser Optics Sales, Germany, Ophir Optics

High power lasers are a growing industry with numerous applications. As 1 μm fiber laser technology advances and more demanding applications develop, the optics used in such systems must provide superior levels of performance.

Here's where Ophir steps in. Using advanced manufacturing technologies, our line of 1 μm laser optics for high power fiber lasers provide guaranteed high optical performance with maximum focus stability and minimum aberrations.
Figure 1. Ophir’s high quality Fused Silica optical lenses for high-power 1 μm fiber lasers.
Ophir has decades of knowledge and experience in the optical industry, and cutting-edge measurement equipment. This allows us to produce a wide array of first-class optical components for high-power fiber lasers and solid-state lasers operating at wavelengths around 1 μm.

Ophir’s products include protective windows, spherical lenses, aspherical lenses, lens assemblies for collimating and focusing laser beams, as well as zoom lenses for cutting head lasers. These are available off-the-shelf and are compatible with leading OEM laser brands. In addition, these products can be designed and manufactured according to customer specifications and needs.

Figure 2. Ophir’s lens assemblies for collimating and focusing laser beams are compatible with leading OEM laser brands.

For laser integrators and cutting head manufacturers, Ophir offers tailor-made optics customized according to customer specifications.

Best possible performance for high laser power is achieved by using a high-quality fused silica raw material. Advanced grinding and polishing processes provide excellent surface quality and AR-coatings

are optimized for use with high laser power levels. Ophir’s AR-coatings for high-power lasers are produced using the latest state-of-the-art coating technologies. The absorption losses of finished optics can be measured in-house with a setup that is able to precisely detect values in the low ppm range. Measurements of laser induced damage thresholds (LIDT) are made in cooperation with qualified partners.

Ophir has developed AR coatings with extremely low absorption losses (less than 10 ppm). With these coatings, thermal lensing effects are minimized. This results in excellent stability of focus shape and position. This results in the best possible performance and stability of the laser process. At present, Ophir’s windows and lenses are used successfully at laser power levels of up to 12 kW. A key target of Ophir’s ongoing R&D work is to produce optics for use at significantly higher power levels.

Typical Coating Features
AOI 0º-15º
%R @1030-1090 < 0.1%-0.2%
%T @650-670 > 60%-95% (2 sides)
%T @1030nm T > 99.6%
%T@1064nm T > 99.7%
%T@1070-1080nm T > 99.6%
S/D 10-5


Ophir Aspherical Lenses
Aspherical surfaces on collimating and focusing lenses provide improved performance over conventional, spherical surfaces in high-power industrial fiber lasers and direct diode laser systems. The aspherical shape of the optics reduces spherical aberration, resulting in a smaller spot size, a uniform spot shape, and greater depth of focus.

Ophir’s aspheric lenses are available in both standard and customized configurations, for all high-power industrial fiber lasers and direct diode laser systems.

Figure 3. Spherical aberration in a Spherical Lens (left) vs an Aspherical Lens (right).

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