Ophir CO2 optics group produces a full range of OEM, replacement optics including beam-delivery, cavity optics, windows, for medical, industrial lasers: Plano Convex, Meniscus lenses, Silicon, Copper mirrors,Cavity Optics
Laser Optics

Ophir's CO2 Optics Division offers a full range of CO2 Laser Optics and CO2 laser spare for High power CO2 lasers.
The replacement laser optics and components includes
Focusing lenses, Beam-delivery laser mirrors: Silicon (Si) Mirrors and Copper Mirrors (Cu) and Cavity optics: Output couplers (partial reflectors), Rear Mirrors (Ge ,GaAs), total reflectors Windows and Optics maintenance tools.
Ophir is the second largest OEM Optics supplier in the world and the only OEM Optics manufacturer to win Trumpf Premium supplier award (2009-2010)
CO2 Optics Catalog