Optimizing Optics Design to Minimize Maintenance

1µm fiber lasers and CO2 lasers Optics Design Considerations
  • The difference between optical component maintenance of fiber lasers vs. CO2 lasers.
  • Ophir's design considerations
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OEM Optical Components

Customized Solutions for a wide Spectral Range
  • Wavelengths: 1.06µm, 9.3-9.4µm, 10.6µm & more
  • End-to-End solutions: from design through high-volume production
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White Paper:

Antireflection coating for industrial fiber lasers
  • Materials, coating technologies and measurement techniques used for high performance low absorption, extended lifetime, fiber lasers optics manufacturing.
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1 Micron Optics

for industrial fiber lasers

  • Best Performance
  • superior Coating
  • Low Absorption
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Meet The

for CO2 high power laser

  • Extended Life
  • Improved Absorption
  • Radioactive-Free Coating
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Trumpf Cut Lens

  • RFID chip embedded
  • Patented technology licensed by Trumpf
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High Reflection mirrors

  • Improved performance
  • Prolong product life
  • Maximize reflection
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Ophir Laser Optics

With vast knowledge and extensive experience accumulated over four decades, Ophir Laser Optics Group, an MKS (NASDAQ: MKSI) company, offers a full range of high quality OEM and replacement optics for high power CO2 laser and 1μm laser applications. Used by leading laser manufacturers around the world, our products meet the highest industry standards and have been widely tested with outstanding results. All manufacturing is carried out in-house using automated CNC, patented diamond turning technologies, and advanced, cutting-edge coating processes and measuring equipment. With a global distribution and support network, our commitment to our customers is unparalleled.