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Ophir offers a complete range of laser power / energy sensors measuring femtowatts to hundreds of kilowatts and picojoules to hundreds of joules.
Ophir products enhance our customers’ capabilities and productivity in the Semiconductor, Industrial, Life and Health sciences, Research and Defense markets. Scroll down for all of Ophir Laser Power/Energy Monitors, meters, sensors, laser power monitor and more…

  • New! Industrial Power Meter

    Versatile, Robust, High power Measurement System. Ideal for Rugged Production Environment

  • 2022 Laser measurement catalog is here!

    All power meters & laser beam analysis latest solutions & innovations in one place

  • NEW! Small size meets high power

    Ariel stand alone compact industrial laser measurement

  • NEW! Helios Plus

    Industrial Laser Power Meter for Measuring
    Blue, Green, and Infrared Wavelengths

  • Get the Full Centauri Power Meter Experience!

    Experience most of Centauri's functionalities with our brand new web simulator

  • Centauri

    Ophir's State of the Art
    Intuitive, Feature Rich,
    Touchscreen Laser Power/Energy Meter


    We offer multifunctional VCSEL measurement solutions with our integrating spheres that enable simultaneous measurement of multiple laser parameters including:

    • Power
    • Pulse Characteristics
    • Spectrum

  • Ophir LP2 Sensors Line

    For high power and industrial applications
    High damage threshold
    Wide spectral range
    Low angular dependency
    Low reflection

  • Knowledge is Power.

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  • Automotive Industry – Face the Challenges

    Laser-based manufacturing and laser-based sensing play a key role in today’s mobility. Reliable part quality and safe usage depends on the laser beam quality

  • New Company Overview Video

    See how MKS is a leading innovator in the markets we serve with a commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility.

  • ESG Report 2022

    Built on integrity and trust, we're proud of our leadership foundation and values focused on a commitment to our people, our society, and the environment.


Sensor Finder

Ophir's sensor finder allows you to easily find the sensor that best suits your application.

Power Meter

Meter Finder

Ophir Meter finder lists the specifications and features of Ophir Power & Energy Meters and PC Interfaces.

PC Interfaces

Meter Finder

Ophir Meter finder lists the specifications and features of Ophir Power & Energy Meters and PC Interfaces.