Quality Policy

  1. The Ophir Photonics Group aims to provide products and services which meet its customers' demands for reliability and quality which in turn will lead to increased business scope and an improved ability to compete in international and domestic markets.
  2. Ophir Photonics Group is committed to the quality of its products and services. To achieve this, Ophir Photonics maintains a quality assurance that follows its products, processes, and services throughout all production stages until final delivery to the customer. To this end, the management must identify the quality needs and subsequently allocate the appropriate resources, including skilled employees, supervise and conduct internal audits and quality activities.
  3. All Ophir Photonics' employees and its suppliers are responsible for the quality of the products.
  4. Ophir Photonics' products and operations will be in accordance with the law, accepted international standards, and regulations.
  5. The information required for proper implementation of the processes will be available to all employees. The smooth flow of information and instructions within Ophir Photonics is guaranteed, as well as an effective training process for new employees.
  6. The management will set measurable quality, in order to guarantee the constant improvement of the processes that influence the quality of products. These indices will be included in the management report and the quality objectives will be updated accordingly.
  7. The management is committed to implementing the quality policy and ensuring that all systems in the company are organized to facilitate the full implementation of this policy. The company's management is responsible for preparing, implementing and maintaining a quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards.
    Calibration laboratory implements a quality management system according to ISO / IEC 17025 standard, for customer satisfaction.
  8. The management is committed to ensuring that this policy is known and clear to all employees, and is implemented at all levels of the organization.
  9. This policy will be published on Ophir Photonics' website and will be distributed to all employees and sub-contractors.
Gadi Seeberger
Quality Assurance Manager
Reuven Silverman
Ophir Photonics General Manager

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