LightIR MWIR f/3.6 Continuous Zoom Lenses Compatible with VGA 10μm detectors

Product Characteristics

  • Optimized for MWIR 640x512 f/3.6 VGA 10µm detectors
  • High MTF performance
  • Maintain focus through the entire zoom range
  • Addressing LOS stabilization
  • Easy integration into camera systems
  • Extremely compact configuration
  • Optimized for stabilized payloads
  • Suitable for a wide range of reduced SWaP applications
  • Cost-effective design and structure

VGA 10μm Compatibility, Unmatched Performance

The lenses feature a compact design, significantly reducing both length and weight. This reduction extends to the overall size and weight of the optical system.

The LightIR folded-optic 16-180mm features a folded optics design, which significantly shrinks the integrated optical system. This design allows extended optical lengths, resulting in reduced sensitivity to tolerances in compact configurations.

Where Minimal is Critical

The LightIR f/3.6 lenses are ideal for low-SWaP and small gimbal thermal imaging for drones and tactical UAVs in commercial, homeland security, and defense markets.

Superior Zoom Controller Features

These lenses are equipped with Ophir's state-of-the-art zoom controller that features:

  • Continuous zoom with focus retention
  • Automatic focus compensation throughout temperature and zoom ranges
  • Close objects focus mode
  • Focus blurring for NUC calculation
  • Full manual / automatic control of zoom and focus positions

Full functionality communication protocol

The communication protocol controls full functionality of lens and full status report of lens, including motor positions, FOV, temperature, built in test status and working hours. Both the controller and communication protocols are fully compatible with all Ophir zoom lenses.

Optimal integration and calibration

For optimal integration and calibration, the lenses are operated with Ophir's standard OphirSim™ software which includes:

  • Lens operation testing and evaluation
  • Protocol simulation
  • Lens customer calibration
  • Autofocus calibration

DRI (Detection, Recognition & Identification) Performance

LightIR 10-135mm f/3.6

LightIR 16-180 mm f/3.6

LightIR 18-225mm f/3.6

Note: Calculations used are based on "Johnson Criteria" | Real world performance may vary depending on the weather conditions
Assumptions: 32mK NETD (f/3.6) | 30Hz frame rate | 50% detection probability | 0.2km-1 atmospheric attenuation coefficient | human ΔT = 5°C | vehicle ΔT = 2°C

LightIR MWIR f/3.6 Continuous Zoom Products