Large Mirrors

There are many application benefits of using large mirrors. Manufacturing large mirrors, however, can present several challenges, such as the difficulty of attaining a very high level of surface form accuracy and very low roughness.

Ophir uses CNC grinding and polishing systems, diamond turning equipment, and decades of experience to overcome these challenges. We can provide:

  • Spherical, aspherical, parabolic and free-form mirrors
  • Diameters up to 700 mm
  • On or off-axis mirrors
  • Radius tolerance of 0.05%
  • Irregularities less than 0.5 Fr P-V, 0.1 Fr RMS at 0.633μ
  • Roughness less than 40 Å RMS

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Webinar: Reflective Optics for Multispectral Optics

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