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New: Meet our Beam Profile Finder!

So maybe you would like to measure the beam profile of your laser or light source? As you probably know, we already have a Sensor Finder on the Ophir website to help you find the right device to measure your laser’s power or energy.

But what about devices to measure the beam profile?

Here, the problem is much more complicated since you don’t only have to pick just a single device as for measuring power. Here you have to decide on a camera type, an attenuator model, maybe a beam expander or beam reducer also and you have to fit all of these together so they will work with each other.
You may have a converging beam and want to measure the focal spot or a diverging beam and have to know how to handle that. There may be several options and you have to decide which are most cost effective, which give the best results and which are easiest to use.

After much effort, we now have a Beam Profile Finder on our website that does all this for you. You simply input your input parameters and the program lists the best beam profiling solutions for you. Here is an example below – try it out for your own requirements.

Input – 3 easy steps

Output – note you can click on the various devices to get to the appropriate web pages



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