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Find Out Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Laser and LED Characterization in MKS Instruments’ New Handbook!

For many decades, MKS has been at the forefront of the photonics revolution with innovations in lasers, opto-mechanical components, vibration and motion control, and laser characterization. Now it’s time you also get to know the Surround the Workpiece℠ strategy !

What’s “Surround the Workpiece℠ ” strategy and how does it serve you?

Surround the Workpiece℠ is the MKS strategy that serves the needs of Advanced Markets that require laser-based solutions. Our goal is to provide customers with the key components, systems, and services to enable the successful implementation of these solutions. An example of this strategy is our unique offering for the laser machining market.

Figure 1

Figure 1. Surround the Workpiece solution strategy. An example of a laser micromachining system including beam delivery, motion and positioning, and monitoring of the laser beam delivery

In a typical laser machining setup (as shown in Figure 1), laser light with a predefined wavelength, pulse width and energy is generated, then carefully managed through a set of advanced optical and optomechanical components to precisely direct the light to the workpiece. The workpiece itself needs to be moved and positioned with high accuracy so that the light is delivered to the proper location. These motion stages are, in turn, placed on active vibration control tables that compensate in real-time for any external vibrations. Since the laser light is arguably the most important element of the system, stringent process control is required to ensure its integrity.

For process control, MKS provides a complete suite of products ranging from laser beam profiling and power measurement to beam quality assessment. The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to the basics of photonics and to describe the key products and applications that Surround the Workpiece.

Laser and LED Characterization – Full guide!

In page 48 you’ll find all the information you need regarding Laser and LED Characterization including: Power and Energy Sensors, Sensor Basics, Types of Sensors, , LED Characterization, Beam Characterization , Laser Beam Spatial Profiles, Beam Profilers and much more…

We hope you find this Handbook informative and useful. Download your free copy here: http://ow.ly/GhrJ50kHjNm



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