Infrared optics for IR night vision, thermal imaging and FLIR by Ophir Optronics
IR Lightweight
Zoom Lenses


Meet the LightIR family: lightweight, compact & high performance

Key features

• High MTF performance • Extremely compact configuration
• Optimized for stabilized payloads • Suitable for a wide range of applications
• Maintains focus through the entire zoom range • Cost-effective design and structure
• The 15-75mm is the first zoom lens specifically designed
  for 10-12μm uncooled LWIR cameras

The outstanding optomechanical design of the Light IR product family ensures that these lenses are the smallest, lightest and most compact on the market today, while still achieving the highest levels of IR thermal imaging performance.

The LightIR thermal imaging zoom lenses are both lightweight and high-performance, designed specifically for use in unmanned aerial vehicles payloads, drones and hand-held devices.

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PDF Icon Download Technical Sheet