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Optics for Automotive Night-Vision (NV) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Maximize night vision performance road safety with Ophir's night vision optics

Features and benefits

• Available for QVGA or VGA resolution at 10μm, 12μm, 17μm, 25μm pitch
• High MTF
• High volume manufacturing capacity with proven track record of 50,000 units annual production
• Up to 75°HFOV

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Automotive night vision systems, using thermal imaging, allow drivers to detect pedestrians and retain a clear view of the road ahead, even when vision is obstructed by environmental conditions such as darkness, smoke, or fog. The introduction of these systems is part of the trend towards ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), with many major vehicle manufacturers investing billions of dollars into such systems. Such systems provide a range of features, including semi or fully autonomous driving, collision avoidance, and alert systems.

For maximum performance and minimal collision risk, thermal imaging night vision systems must achieve high accuracy, and allow for long distance object detection. These factors are critical in providing the driver with sufficient response time.

The key to meeting these requirements is the use of high sensitivity and high resolution optics – such as Ophir’s athermalized lenses. Using innovative optical and mechanical designs, Ophir’s lenses allow for full operation in all environmental conditions, while also featuring a compact size, and competitive costs. Ophir has earned its reputation as a world-leading designer and supplier in the field of thermal imaging optics for the automotive market. Ophir’s superior optics increase pedestrian recognition software performance, allowing a greater ability to anticipate potential hazards. Crafted with years of experience, Ophir’s IR thermal imaging lenses feature the highest quality components and materials, designed especially to meet the needs of the industry. As the largest automotive IR thermal optics supplier for the European automotive market, Ophir’s lenses are integrated in the night visions systems of top European cars, with an installed base of hundreds of thousands of lenses.

Ophir SupIR™ IR optics for the automotive market
SupIR 6.2mm f/1.0, Manual Focus 680439
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SupIR 9.2mm f/1.0, Fixed Athermalized 680407
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SupIR 12.7mm f/1.0, Fixed Athermalized 680177
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SupIR 13.6mm f/1.0, Fixed Athermalized 680345
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SupIR 19mm f/1.1, Athermalized Fixed Focus 65221
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