Ophir IR Optics 2022 Catalog

TYPICAL ICD Property Value Optical Focal Length 1.8mm F/# 1.35 Average Transmission (8-12µm) 98% (HD) / 91% (HC) Back Focal Length 1.78mm in air Mechanical Focus Mechanism Fixed Depth of Field 0.2m to infinity Focus Range 0.1m to infinity Weight 1gr Max. Dimensions Ø4mm x 10mm Environmental Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C Storage Temperature -54°C to +85°C Sealing Not sealed Configurations 680330-001 High Durability 680330-002 Hard Carbon SupIR 1.8mm f/1.35, Fixed Athermalized 680330 A HFOV 160x120 60.5° LWIR | 1-FOV 16 For latest updates please visit our website: www.ophiropt.com/infrared 07-2022

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