FluxGage 604

The Ophir FluxGage 604 TM compact measurement system for LED luminaires delivers x and y color coordinates, CCT and illuminance within seconds. FluxGage is Everything To Get Your Light Right.


FluxGage Demonstration

See a demonstration on how FluxGage 604 works


Measuring LED Fixtures & Luminaires: Without an Integrating Sphere

The FluxGage measures total flux, color (CCT, CRI, Duv, chromaticity) and flicker. It measures the total flux using solar panels instead of an integrating sphere thus delivering the same functionality in one third of the size.  It also reduces the cost and time needed to measure LED luminaires.


FluxGage LED Luminaire Test System Introduction

LED Luminaires are increasingly popular, but producing them consistently, to spec, can be a major challenge.
Ophir’s new FluxGage can help you measure the critical performance parameters of your LED luminaires, so your production can be controlled and predictable.
Get a brief introduction to the new FluxGage in this video.