The FluxGage is a compact measuring system for LED Luminaires.  The FluxGage measures total flux, color (CCT, CRI, Duv, chromaticity) and flicker. FluxGage provides the same functionality as a 3 meter integrating sphere.

Maximal Luminaire Size [mm] 640X480
Flux Range [Lm] 500-40,000
Spectrometer Range [nm] 400-800
Measurement Time [s] 2
Size [mm] 769x563x223

The FGC100 calibration standard is a current and temperature stabilized LED source designed to calibrate the FluxGage system. The FGC100 includes a lamp unit and a controller unit. The FGC100 lamp unit emits at 2pi geometry. The FGC100 lamp unit is mounted on the FluxGage for calibration. A special fixture in the FluxGage cover ensures repeatable mounting and calibration. For more information go to FGC100.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you measure single color LEDs (red,green,blue), or other sources?
    Yes. However it was built and optimized for white LED luminaires, so contact Ophir to consult on your particular application
  • What other equipment I need to start using FluxGage?
    None, it’s all inside
  • Do I need to do self-absorption calibration similar to an integrating sphere?
    No. self-absorption is needed when the measurement instrument is white on the inside, FluxGage is black.
  • How often do I need to calibrate the system?
    Depending on the usage, between once every week to once a month.
  • What makes it so small compared to an integrating sphere?
    Inside an ideal integrating sphere light is reflected evenly and symmetrically. In practice, the DUT greatly interferes with these reflections and therefore the sphere must be much larger than the DUT to minimize this effect. The interior of FluxGage is black. Reflections are minimized and therefor the effect of the DUT is very small.
  • Does the size of the DUT (device under test) changes the results?
    For best accuracy, the DUT should be centered and its approximate size and beam angle entered in the user interface. This will adjust the measurement.