The FluxGage was designed with ease of use and factory automation in mind. The FluxGage system
communicates via USB or Ethernet and comes with a stand-alone PC software and a software development kit.
When consistency in measurement timing is important, the FluxGage system will automatically detect switching
on of the measured luminaire and apply a controlled delay to the measurement.
The main applications of FluxGage are for LED luminaire engineering and QC:

Benefits of Measuring

FluxGage saves you money on a daily basis, as well as allowing you to sell more LED luminaires at a higher price point.  Here are a few ways FluxGage can help you save.

FluxGage tests quality control on the production line:

FluxGage can also be used in engineering to make some long-term improvements:

Benefits of FluxGage

Everything listed above applies to any form of accurate measurement.  However, there are a number of things that make FluxGage more appealing than the standard integrating sphere used for LED luminaire measurement.