Measures Flux, Color & Flicker of LED Luminaires

The FluxGage is a compact measuring system for LED Luminaires. Instead of an integrating sphere that must be several times larger than the luminaire being measured, FluxGage can measure any LED fixture that fits into its opening.
The FluxGage measures total flux, color (CCT, CRI, Duv, chromaticity) and flicker of LED lighting luminaires. It measures the total flux using solar panels instead of an integrating sphere thus delivering the same functionality in one third of the size.
An onboard spectrometer and fast photodiode complete the system and provide color and flicker measurement.

Benefits of Using the FluxGage™

Much smaller than comparable integrating sphere

Robust, can be used in a production environment

Easy to use, doesn't need frequent calibration

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How FluxGage Cuts Costs and Increases Revenue

Need help justifying the cost of FluxGage?  This one-page article outlines a variety of ways measuring your LED luminaires will allow your company to cut unnecessary costs and even charge and sell more luminaires.