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Extended Power Meter Warranty for US domestic Customers only

Power meter heads and displays come with a one year warranty period under the terms specified in Ophir's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.  At the time of purchase, you can extend the one year warranty for two additional one year periods.  Each product requires its own extended warranty purchase.  If the order contains products that part of them are covered and other are not covered by an extended warranty, then, the purchase order must clearly indicate which products are to be covered by the extended warranty.  A maximum of two (2), one year warranty extensions can be purchased per product.  Two extensions will extend the warranty period to a total of three (3) years from the original date of shipment.

Extended warranty includes all parts, labor for the second year and recalibration after the first year. Warranty service and recalibration are subject to the provisions of Ophir-Spiricon's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, including without limitation, Ophir-Spiricon's verification that the product was not mishandled or damaged.  A copy of such Standard Terms and Conditions is available at our web-site.

Recalibration service is subject to the return of the product within +/- 45 days of original calibration due date.  If the product is returned for recalibration outside of this period, the recalibration is forfeited.  When returning the product for recalibration the customer pays shipping both ways.

Extended warranty only applies to the original purchaser and will be effective only upon receipt of a written confirmation from Ophir-Spiricon for a purchase order that includes the request for extended warranty (see the Part numbers below) and payment thereof by the customer.

ItemPart Number