Laser Measurement

Beam Profiling
Lasers with the same wavelength and power level from a single manufacturer
can show surprisingly different beam profiles. A misaligned beam can mean reduced accuracy and more scrap.
Find out how to improve the accuracy of your laser beam measurements with laser measurement instruments. Ophir-Spiricon's beam profilers provide:
  • 2D Profiles: improve beam alignment
  • 3D Profiles: see the relationship between power density and beam quality
  • M2: measure how small a spot the laser can focus on
  • Deep UV - THz: measure any beam size, any power level
  • ISO-11146: meet compliance standards
Power/Energy Measurement
All lasers degrade over time. As they do, they can produce hot spots, incomplete welds, even physical damage. Regular measurement ensures your
laser system is deliverying the specified amount of power or energy.
Ophir-Spiricon's power and energy sensors include:
  • Thermal, Pyroelectric, Photodiode Sensors: high sensitivity, from mW to kW, pJ to Joules
  • Wireless power and energy meter: for complex equipment setups
  • High Damage Threshold: measure higher power lasers
  • High Frequency: measure CW or pulsed lasers
  • NIST Traceability: high accuracy readings
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