Wide Beam Imager
Wide Beam Imager
Wide Beam Imager

Wide Beam Imager


The Ophir Wide Beam Imager accessory provides a way to measure both
size and power distribution of a divergence and large diameter beam coming
from sources such as LED, VCSEL as well as large diameter parallel beams.
It employs a diffusive plate onto which the beam from the light source
impinges. The diffuser has a 45mm diameter clear aperture onto which the
laser beam or light source is projected.
This image is then reduced 8X and is reimaged onto the camera focal plane.
The accessory can be provided as a complete solution that includes
BeamGage Professional imaging and analysis software, and high-resolution
The product provides a solution for the measurement of divergence or
large beams with moderate spatial resolution.


  • 350-1100nm
  • 10mm-45mm
  • Ø45mm
  • < 70
  • up to 200W (CW), 1000W for 1 minute
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BeamGage is giving me results that are very different than expected.

Verify that the Optical Scaling (Magnification) is set to the correct value, as listed on the label of the WB-I unit

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Can it measure smaller diameters than specified 10mm?

Yes, but the accuracy will be lower than what is listed in the specification.

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What is the maximum power?

System absorbs 20% of the power, the other 80% is back diffused from the WB-I. 200W is acceptable in continuous mode; higher power depends on environmental conditions and time of use.

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Can I use different ND filters?

The WB-I is optically aligned and calibrated for use with of any combination of 2 Ophir ND1 or ND3 filters. Other filters have a different thickness and use of them will affect the measurement accuracy

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Introducing the WB-I Wide Beam Imager Introducing the WB-I Wide Beam Imager

The Ophir Wide Beam Imager accessory is a compact, calibrated optical system for measuring the size and power distribution of large and divergent beams of VCSELs, LEDs, edge emitting
lasers, and fiber lasers. It lets you analyze beams that are too large or too divergent for a conventional beam profiler alone


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