LBS-400 Attenuator
LBS-400 Attenuator

Аттенюатор LBS-400

Комбинированная система ослабления пучка с нейтральными фильтрами для камеры Pyrocam

Съемное устройство LBS-400 для формирования измерительного пучка для камер Pyrocam позволяет измерять в УФ- или ИК-областях спектра лазерные пучки диаметром до 1 дюйма (25,4 мм), а также измерять мощность в диапазоне от 10 мВт до примерно 500 Вт(1). Данное устройство для формирования измерительного пучка сконструировано таким образом, чтобы нейтрализовать воздействие преимущественной поляризации на одном клине и путем изменения параметров поляризации восстановить в полученном пучке поляризационные компоненты исходного пучка.

(1)For Gaussian beam diameter <1/2 the clear aperture and depending on ND filter and camera saturation limits the maximum power may be as high as 1200W.


  • Proprietary
  • LBS-400-UV: 193-355nm, LBS-400-NIR: 1064nm, LBS-400-IR: 10.6μm
  • LBS-400-IR: 5W/cm2 300J/cm2 for 1ms pulse / LBS-400-UV: 100W/cm2 20mJ/cm2 for 10nm pulse / LBS-400-NIR: 50W/cm2 1J/cm2 for 10ns pulse
  • LBS-400-UV: A/R ≤1.5%, LBS-400-NIR: A/R ≤1%, LBS-400-IR: A/R ≤1%
  • LBS-400-UV: Inconel, LBS-400-NIR: Bulk ND, LBS-400-IR: CaF2
  • 31.75mm
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The LBS-400 combination beam sampling and beam apsorption systems available with the following options.


What should be my Safety concerns while using LBS-400?

Regular laser safety precautions should apply. Please note, that the main incident beam will exit the LBS-400 refracted approximately 6°. Provision must be made to safely contain the transmitted beam by beam dump or power meter.

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How to deal with removable Beam Blocker?

The beam blocker is designated to keep one wedge surface protected during handling and shipping. It can be left attached for low power laser operations. However, in the case of high-power laser irradiation scattered light might interfere with beam profile measurement and cause offset. In case of such offset, we recommend removing the beam blocker.

After removal, an additional laser output, having less than 0.1% of incident beam power will be reflected. That beam could be used for simultaneous measurement of laser power via Ophir Power Meter in addition to beam profiler.

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Can I use LBS-400 both for beam profiling and power measurement?

Yes, the main function of LBS-400 beam splitter is Beam profiling, however it performs a 3-way beam splitting:
Less than 0.01% (1/103) of the beam is reflected in one direction and less than 1% in another while remaining 99% of incident laser beam is transmitted.
This allows user to measure one of the 3 beams, depends on available power measurement equipment and setup convenience.

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