Repair and Recalibration - RMA

Please read our return and shipping policy procedures carefully:
  1. Select your country from the drop down list below to receive a form.
    1. If it's an online form, fill it out and click submit.
    2. If it's a downloadable form, fill it out and email or fax it to the calibration center. (The form you choose includes the relevant calibration center's contact info.)
  2. An RMA number will be issued to you via email from your nearest calibration center.
  3. All returns must have the RMA number clearly labeled on the outside of the package, and on all shipping documentation.
  4. Ship your item using a traceable carrier. (For the Israel calibration center, DDP Jerusalem terms within 7 days of obtaining your RMA number.)
  5. Throughout the RMA process, we will be responsible only for products made by us. Any assemblies, accessories or other accompanying items will be on the customer's responsibility.
  6. RMA Form Selection
    Select a country to download the RMA form:
    Watch Service and Calibration at Ophir: What to Expect Video
    Ophir's Repair & Calibration Facilities:
    Ophir-Spiricon Inc.
    Paulette Frischknecht
    3050 North 300 West
    North Logan, UT 84341
    Tel:  +435-753 3729
    Fax: +435-753 5231 

    Germany Europe
    Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH
    Gabriele Lehr
    Marion Ahl
    Peter Franke
    Nathan Breymaier
    Guerickeweg 7
    D-64291 Darmstadt
    Tel:  +49-6151 708 282
    Tel:  +49-6151 708 580
    Tel:  +49-6151 708 582
    Tel:  +49-6151 708 586
    Fax: +49-6151 708 599

    Japan Japan
    Ophir Japan
    Calibration team
    4-384 Sakuragicho, Omiya-ku,
    Saitama, 330-0854
    Tel:  +81-48 646 4151
    Fax: +81-48 650 9977

    Israel Israel
    Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd.
    Ms. Ariella Rabi
    Science-Based Industrial Park
    Har Hotzvim, 91450
    Tel:  +972-2-548 4444
    Fax: +972-2-582 2338