FGC100 Calibration Unit


Ophir´s NIST traceable LED calibration standards are current and temperature stabilized LED sources. FGC100 calibration source has been designed for calibrating the FluxGage systems and can be used for calibrating other systems as well. FGC100 is based on a white LED with a 410 nm violet LED as the excitation source for the phosphor.

This provides a broadband emission in the visible light range (400-800 nm).

  • Spectral mismatch between tungsten and LED sources
  • Angular distribution mismatch between tungsten and LED sources
  • Excess infra-red radiation emitted by tungsten sources, which contributes to stray light in spectrometers

Put simply: If you are going to measure LEDs, it’s best to calibrate with LED!


  • 15-30
  • 30
  • 30
  • 0.955
  • 390-800
  • 1000
  • 4
  • 50
  • ±1%
  • 184 x 92 x 63.5
  • 0.535
  • 94 x 154 x 163
  • CE


Besides FluxGage, can the FGC100 be used as a separate calibration source for calibrating integrating spheres?

The FGC100 is delivered with a calibration certificate traceable to NIST and can be used for stand-alone calibration of integrating spheres for general purpose photometry. The FGC100 is designed for 2pi geometry calibration. Contact Ophir for additional information

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What are the benefits of calibrating with the FGC100 instead of with another LED-based calibration standard?

The FGC100 calibration unit is the first calibration source available in the market that uses a high power white LED (> 1000 lumens) for calibration. Calibration with a high power LED is highly beneficial when measuring high power luminaires (1000 to 40000 lumens). Thanks to a precision electronic loop for active stabilization of LED drive current and smart thermal management, the FGC100 achieves a high level of accuracy and repeatability in the measurements.

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Is performing a FluxGage calibration with the FGC100 complicated?

It is actually very easy:

  • There is a dedicated opening in the FluxGage top cover for attaching the FGC100.
  • The FluxGage software has a “Calibration” screen.
  • Follow the instructions in the FGC100 manual.
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How long does the FluxGage calibration take?

With the FGC100, the calibration can be done directly on the production floor, on the FluxGage unit itself; no need for long laboratory calibration procedures with integrating spheres. The calibration itself takes only a few minutes.

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Can I use a Tungsten Calibration standard to calibrate the FluxGage?

Ophir recommends using the FGC100 calibration unit. The FGC100 was specially designed and tested to quickly and accurately calibrate the FluxGage for NIST traceable performance.

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