Ophir-Spiricon’s M2-200s Automated M2 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer Enhances Robust Packaging for 24/7 Operation

May 19, 2014 - North Logan, UT— Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation brand, today announced the newest version of the M2-200s, the company’s camera-based beam propagation analyzer. The M2-200s is an ISO 11146 compliant system that automatically measures laser beam quality in less than two minutes. It features a robust design that supports continuous, 24/7 operation. The latest version enhances the system’s robust packaging with an allnew motor controller that decreases noise from motor movement by 30%.

The M2-200s is a compact, portable unit that features a CCD camera for use with pulsed or CWlasers, 266nm – 1300nm. The system automatically measures M2, beam waist location and width, divergence, astigmatism, asymmetry ratio, and the Rayleigh range for each axis. Input beam sizes can range from 0.5mm – 10mm. Manual mode is available for beams that are too large or too small, or for wavelengths outside the standard optical train.

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M2-200s Data Sheet