Ophir Photonics Adds Pyroelectric Energy Sensor, Lowest Laser Energy Measurements at High Repetition Rates

January 6, 2014 - North Logan, UT— Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation brand, today announced the PE9-ES-C High Sensitivity Pyroelectric Laser Energy Sensor. The PE9-ES-C is part of Ophir’s PE-C line of compact, pyroelectric pulsed laser sensors that deliver the lowest measurable energies, longest measurable pulse widths, and highest accuracy. The high sensitivity PE9-ES-C measures the lowest laser energies in the industry -- as low as 50nJ. The sensor also accurately measures at high repetition rates, up to 10kHz. It features a broad spectral range operating from 150nm to 12μm.

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PE9-ES-C Data Sheet