Ophir Photonics Introduces StarLab 3.0, Multi-Channel Laser Power/Energy Software

January 29, 2014 - North Logan, UT— Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation brand, today announced StarLab 3.0, laser measurement software that converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station. The new version of the software provides a revamped user experience that combines ease-of-use and expanded functionality for displaying, formatting, and viewing data. New features include screen capture and print, reverse highlighting of the numeric display, and icons and graphics that guide the user through the application. In addition, support has been added for StarLite, the new low cost, handheld laser power / energy meter that displays a variety of beam measurements, including power, single shot energy, energy and frequency of high repetition rate lasers, and beam size. StarLab provides an easy-to-use, PC-based application that graphically displays, processes, and logs all these measurements.

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