Laser Power Through Aperture Calculator (Gaussian Beam)

Gaussian laser beams have power intensities in the shape of a bell curve (Gaussian). This means that the nominal diameter doesn't include 100% of the laser beam's power. A small portion of the power is contained in the edges, or wings, that spread past the nominal beam diameter. This is a simple calculator to see how much of the laser beam will pass through a given aperture.


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Gaussian Thin Lens Calculator


(W) *

Beam Diameter (1/e2)

This is the 1/e2 diameter of the Gaussian beam. It's the point at which the power is about 13.5% of the peak power.

(mm) *

Aperture Diameter

Enter a diameter greater (or less)than the 1/e2 value to see what % of the beam (and how much absolute)power will pass through..

(mm) *

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