LED Sensor Finder

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Ophir's sensor finder allows you to easily find the sensor that best suits your application. This LED sensor finder includes all the features of the basic sensor finder, with added options for:

  • Divergent Beams
  • Broadband Wavelengths
  • Irradiance Measurement (W/cm2)

LED power meters and integrating spheres can also be found in the LED product family.

  Ophir Optronics Sensor Finder
Step 1
Measurement Type
Beam Type
Collimated Divergent
Single wavelength Broadband (>30nm)
Pulsed or CW
CW Pulsed
Beam Shape
Gaussian Flat-Top
Circular Rectangular
Total Power W Irradiance W/cm2
Energy and Power
Power Only
Step 2
Enter Laser Parameters
Source Size (mm)1/e2 Diameter (mm)
Source Size (mm x mm)Rectangle (mm x mm)
Beam Divergence Half Angle (deg)
Distance from Source to Sensor (mm)
Minimum Wavelength
Maximum Wavelength
Energy Range - Min to Max
Power Range - Min to Max
Max Rep Rate
Pulse Width

Optional for Best Search
Exposure Time (min)
Sensor Size (mm)
Max Width
Max Height
Max Depth
Step 3
Max. Power Density W/cm2
Max. Energy Density J/cm2
Pulse Energy JAverage Power W


Results For:

# Model Brand % of Damage Threshold Notes Link

Sorry, your search yielded no standard sensors that match your application.

Please revise your search by enlarging beam diameter, reducing power, energy, pulse rate, etc.

Please revise your search using the following tips:

If you still do not find a match, please save your laser data in file and send it by mail to:

USA: sales@ophir-spiricon.com

Rest of the world: ophir.sales@ophiropt.com

We will try to find the best solution for your application