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StarLab 3.40: What’s New

Support for Ophir’s newest instruments…Support for new measurement modes (such as “Pulsed Power” for measuring higher powers using lower-power sensors, “Low Frequency Power” for measuring power of VSCELs and similar slowly-pulsing sources, and more)…In this short video,

Laser Measurement Solutions for Medical Applications

The following video gives an overview of how Ophir measurement solutions are typically used in medical applications

IS6 Integrating Spheres: Product Family Overview

For applications that need a large Integrating Sphere, Ophir offers the IS6 series. These are 6” Integrating Spheres, available with and without built-in calibrated sensors, in a range of configurations. Get to know the IS6 family in this video.

Integrating Spheres: Overview

If your application requires measurement of a widely diverging beam, an integrating sphere might be the right solution.
Learn what Integrating Spheres are, what they help you do, and see the range of solutions available.

Medical Applications and Laser Beam Analysis

Laser measurement has widely spread in the treatment of patients as well as in the manufacturing of medical products and instrumentation. This video explains how Ophir laser measurement technology can improve patient outcomes.

Pulse Characterization Sensors

Using these Ophir fast photodetectors, you can see and measure the temporal characteristics of pulsed and CW laser beams.

ophir aug 2018 film 3 draft 3

LEDs are becoming the light source of choice in many industrial, medical, and scientific applications. Correct measurement - of the right parameter - is not trivial, but is often critical to the success of the application; Ophir offers solutions specifically designed to meet them.

ophir aug 2018 film 2 draft 1

Measurement of light in IPL applications presents some unique challenges; Ophir offers solutions specifically designed to meet them.

Centauri: A new experience in laser measurements - Narriated

Ophir’s new high-end, 7" color touch-screen dual channel laser power/energy meter

BeamWatch Integrated: Industrial Non-Contact Beam Measurement

BeamWatch Integrated is a non-contact measurement system designed for fully automated manufacturing processes. It can be fully integrated into a system for high quality beam propagation measurements
Introduced by Christian Dini at Photonics West 2019, courtesy of LFW